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Installing Double Entry Door for Your Home

Installing Double Entry Door for Your HomeDouble doors have long been a symbol of luxury and spaciousness when it comes to a household. When you visit a home with a set of double entry doors, you’ll notice that it’s a compliment to the entire visual appearance. That being said, if you are considering installing some double doors for your entryway, here is a guide on what you should know prior to tackling on this project.


For the most part, double doors install in the same fashion as single unit doors do. Most of them arrive in a prehung frame that’s all ready and assembled. Within the frame there should be the appropriate hardware and pieces that are needed to fit it into the door opening. These prehung entry doors are an all-in-one deal that allow you to skip all of the hard work.

From this point on, you’re going to need to take care of the shimming, leveling, and fastening the entire unit to form it as a whole. Because these doors are massive in size, don’t be intimidated. They can more or less be installed within an hour once it has been fully prepared. Be sure that you get an extra set of hands to help on the job to minimize the risk of injury and to maximize efficiency.

Summing it Up

Prehung entry doors add a different type of feel to your home. A luxurious symbol, as well as a decorative feature, your home will look glamorous and will surely impress your guests.

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How to Handle Being Short Staffed on a Construction Site

Running construction & turnaround services can be challenging enough on its own, but being short staffed can make managing projects that much more difficult. If you are not able to get a project done on time, then you are jeopardizing the reputation of your company, which could hurt your profitability.


When you are short staffed on a construction site, it’s essential you encourage your employees to use teamwork so that you can optimize your odds of meeting your deadline. Having everyone on the same page can work wonders to keep your project on schedule, but a construction consultant can help you plan your project if you are too busy to do it on your own.


If you don’t believe your project will be done on time, then communicating with your client can go a long way to help reduce tension. According to Lyle Charles Consulting, changing the scope of work is one of the most common types of construction disputes. Simply inform them that you are short staffed and will do everything you can to resolve the issue and complete the project. Although your client might not be happy to hear that, it’s important to remain honest so that you can maintain their trust.

Employee Retention

It’s vital you have an effective employee retention plan so that you can maintain the productivity of your company, especially when you are already short staffed. When you need to prevent your employees from quitting, using a private mediation service is a good place to start. An objective mediator can give an objective solution so that conflicts can be resolved before an employee walks away.

Claims Management: A problem-solving approach

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction delay claims can disrupt a project while costing the company money and diverting critical resources. To reduce construction delay claims, many companies are now taking a proactive approach. This involves identifying and mitigating risks that will minimize claim-related costs and optimize claim outcomes. However for those construction companies who are taking a reactive approach to construction claims, here are the steps to solve your claim and reduce claim costs.

Investigation and evaluation – Effective construction claims management involves assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each party. This will involve assessment of all facts, by gathering all claim related material. If there are any loopholes in the information, the missing information should be gathered at this point.

Plan formulation – The plan should include the relevant facts and the legal theories that affect the claim. The costs of the plan should also be assessed, to hold these funds if payment is necessary.

Identification, allocation, and management of resources – A claim manager should be responsible for coordinating and implementing the claim resolution plan. This may involve hiring a consultant or an attorney, specifically for this purpose.

Periodic reassessment and resolution – When the defense proceeds, more information, and facts may come to light that will alter the views of the claim. Therefore, the contractor will have to reassess their position throughout this process. Constant monitoring during this final step will minimize claim costs and maximize claim recoveries.


Lyle Charles is a construction claims consultant who can cater to your construction project needs.