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How to Upgrade to Foam Cushions the Easy and Affordable Way

How-to-Upgrade-to-Foam-Cushions-the-Easy-and-Affordable-WaySay that you’ve finally realized how much better your couch or sofa would be with foam cushions, instead of flimsy, expensive, (and not to forget, gross) traditional cushions. You’ve come to the conclusion that this simple improvement would make your home that much cozier. But now you’re unsure of what to do—once you’ve passed the threshold of discovering how much better foam is, you may have a paralyzing moment of indecision. You can’t simply continue to sit on your old, inadequate sofa cushions, yet you may be worried about how much work it will be to make the change.

You’ll be glad to find out that you have no reason to worry—whether you’re upgrading your furniture or replacing damaged cushion foam. It’s easy to take care of it yourself with a few basic measurements to have new foam in no time.

Take the cover off whatever cushion you’d like to fill with foam, and empty it. Then, flatten it out and measure the greatest length and width of the covering, from one seam to another. For covers that aren’t a perfect square or rectangle shape, measure where they are biggest—you want to avoid the tight corners and curved edges, as these can throw your measurements off. Add an inch to each measurement to give yourself room to adjust in case the measurements are slightly off or if your cushion is asymmetrical.

That’s it! From there, you’ll have everything you need to get started with new foam!


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Why Natural Latex Foam Should Be Your Next Sofa Cushion Filling

Natural latex is both biodegradable and comfortable.

Written by: The Foam Factory

Many homeowners don’t realize that their sofas contain harmful chemicals and petroleum – some products more than others. If you’re looking to find an environmentally friendly option for your custom foam cushions, then this guide will point you in the right direction.

The Truth About Sofa Cushions

Many foam products today contain hazardous chemicals that leave major carbon footprints upon disposal. In order to create an environmentally friendly household, it’s important that you understand that products contain natural materials. This can be easily uncovered by looking at the manufacturer’s website. If there isn’t enough information listed, contact them and request the specifics.

When you buy replacement cushions, you’re primarily looking for something that is both comfortable and durable. But, it’s time to move past thinking about just the basic factors. This issue is bigger than your household itself. It’s about keeping the sustaining the environment and promoting a positive change.

Manufacturers tend to use a large amount of petroleum when they produce synthetic latex foam. Now, how you can still relish in the comforts of synthetic latex is by purchasing a more environmentally friendly foam cushion, or another type of green furniture. One alternative to synthetic latex foam is 100% natural latex. Don’t think that you’re skipping out on getting that comfortable feel from your couch. Your new cushions will feel just as plump as your previous ones.

Natural Latex Foam

Although these natural latex foam products may be a bit more expensive than your traditional synthetic latex, it’s a great alternative to shopping green. Natural latex is created from the sap of a rubber tree with other all-natural fillers. During the manufacturing process, most of the unnecessary waste is filtered out, leaving a greener product. The additional timber from the cut tree is used for wood furniture products so no tree is wasted. And, when an old tree is cut down, a new one is planted in its place. This constant cycle is essential for the health of the earth.

Many homeowners have stated that they’ve had a more sound sleep when they switched over to a natural latex mattress. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the growth of mold and mildew as they do not thrive in natural latex. So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time that you made the switch today?