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What to Keep An Eye Out For In Couch Cushions

Written by: The Foam Factory

When it comes to couch cushions, quality trumps pricing any day.

couch-cushionsIn the vast world of furniture, a high-end couch can easily take on the appearance of one that is low quality. From far away, you might not even be able to tell the difference. But, if you’re looking to find one that’s worth the money, it’s important that you look into one of the most important elements of a sofa – the sofa cushions.

What You Should Look Out For

Besides the inflated price tags, what are some noticeable elements of cushions that you should keep a look out for? Well for one, the cushion foam that’s inside the sofa should be easily identified through the product description either inside the store or online. Be sure that you take a look at the density of the foam, which determines how much support that it can handle when you sit on it. A higher density will be a have a solid feel to it, and vice versa. Additionally, the foam could be made of a variety of materials like polyurethane or even memory foam.

Higher Quality Provides More Resiliency

The higher quality couch foam that you obtain, the much more resilient and comfortable it will be. Additionally, it’ll the foam cushions will be able to take the constant punishment of body weight day in and day out without it essentially disintegrating on the inside. The last thing that you’ll want is to spend over $1000 on a couch only to find out that it’ll last for a few months before needing to be replaced.

Unique Styles of Outdoor Furniture

Spending time in your patio or backyard is very popular right now.  Furniture manufacturers have realized this and now make several styles and types of outdoor furniture. You can find anything from furniture for children to inexpensive chairs to more luxury items. What is important is that you always make sure that the furniture you buy is specifically for outdoor use. Here are some of the more popular outdoor furniture at present according to Wicker Paradise.

Wicker furniture

Wicker furniture or outdoor rattan furniture both look very similar to each other and are the most popular type of furniture for outdoor use. You can opt for the simple items which are chairs and tables that have a hand-woven appearance and look great in the garden as they have an organic feel to them. Or you can go for large sets which can include outdoor sofa’s bars and much more.

Furniture that has an aluminum frame tends to be quite inexpensive and is a great choice for anyone who wants items that are practical and long-lasting. Like most items of outdoor furniture, these are all weather and can be kept out of your garden all year round.

Other people prefer to have outdoor furniture made from solid wood. While these are high-quality items that will look good in any backyard or garden you need to be prepared to treat them each year. To do this, you will need to use coatings that have the right protection and make sure that you repeat the process as often as nessecary for that type of wood.

The Top Factors that You Should Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Foam

Summary: The most expensive outdoor foam may not be the right fit for you. Knowing what to look for in each product will help you determine what’s best for your patio.

In today’s outdoor foam replacement products, upholstery foam is the most common stuffing material used. Now, it’s available in a variety of densities, which determines how it’s graded. The higher the graded number, the higher the quality of the foam.

But, does that mean you have to purchase only high-graded products for casual use? Not entirely, your standard foam products can provide significant comfort if you’re not willing to upgrade.

Quality and Durability

High density foam from manufacturers like The Foam Factory for instance, will not break apart or wear down after a few uses. After determining your budget, you’ll want to choose the highest density foam that you can purchase to improve the life and comfort level of your furniture pieces.

Additionally, the resilience of your foam is also important as well. The more durable the foam is, the longer it’ll last after being used consistently. High resilient foam will make for a more comfortable seat and minimal sagging. Cheap foam on the other hand, will shred to bits after a significant use and provide minimal comfort.

Level of Firmness

Firmness is determined by a number, or more specifically the Indentation Force Deflection (ILD) number that’s given. The scale starts at 6 and goes all the way up to 45 with the lowest number reciprocating a softer feel and the highest a firmer feel. The preferred level of firmness should be based on your personal preference. If you have the time, visit your local mattress store to feel the different numbers so you can determine what’s right for you.