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A Guide to Toddler Bedroom Furniture

Submitted by Your Home Improvement

When shopping for toddler bedroom furniture, safety should be your number one priority. You should first purchase the basics that the toddler will need in their bedroom. You need to purchase a crib, changing table and dressers to start out with. The furniture you choose should be made with sturdy materials. There are two ways to check for guidelines on furniture safety. The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission can provide you with safety guidelines on things such as the bars on cribs. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certifies that all furniture passes their safety standards.


Paul Frank furniture allows children to make a fashion statement when it comes to their furniture. Paul Frank’s company, Small Paul, started out with a line of children’s clothing and eventually branched out into children’s furniture as well as home goods. The furniture line is collaboration between Frank and the famous children’s designer Eric Pfeiffer. The line of furniture includes a desk and chair, a stepstool, a dollhouse which is also a table and a rocker. The furniture is made from sturdy plywood and decorated with Paul Frank’s famous prints.

Paul Frank bedroom, bedding and bedroom decor is a must-have for all Paul Frank fanatics. The bedding set from Paul Frank comes with a sheet set that includes a fitted and a regular sheet, a comforter, a blanket and pillow case. There are also additional items sold separately that match the bedding such as a wall calendar, alarm clock and wall clock.

Get Ready For Winter By Replacing Your Furnace Filter

Winter is quickly approaching, and nothing is more important to winter than making sure that your home is ready for the cold weather.  If you live in the Northeast in the United States, or any other area that experiences the bitter cold, you should do all that you can to be sure that your furnace filter is ready to go for the long and cold winter ahead.  Once the cold sets in and the first snow falls, you will be glad that you put the work in beforehand to get everything ready.


The winter brings with it cold temperatures, and the need to have your home heated at all times.  When it is time to turn on the heat, you need to have a furnace that is ready to make the most use out of your oil supply.  Having a brand new filter can help your furnace perform far more efficiently and effectively than if it had an old filter.  An old filter can cause a lot of problems for your furnace, such as blocking proper heat from going through the furnace and out to the ducts to heat your home.

Replacing your filter is very important to keeping the costs of heating your home down in the winter.  Getting a proper quality filter from www.yourfilterconnection.com is the key to making this happen.  They have great heater filters that will fit any furnace, no matter how new or how old it is.  They also have quality brands such as Filtrete that will keep your furnace running at the highest efficiency possible.  When the cold sets in, you will be happy your furnace is ready.