Transform Your Living Room into a Gorgeous Sunroom

For a lot less money than you might think, you could transform your living room into a sunroom to let the warmth in throughout the spring and summer months. With winter in full swing, there has never been a better time to plan for this kind of upgrade. From wicker furniture, to new windows, this guide will give you all the details you need to get started on building the sunroom of your dreams.

Let the Light In

The first step is probably the most fun. Get a sledgehammer and knock out some wall space for yourself. Begin by removing the siding on the exterior and interior, then inspect the studs to make sure they are in good condition. You can buy a sunroom kit, which can completely replace the existing studs, or you can do the replacement work for yourself.

Each panel is installed basically the same way one installs a window, but check your kit. You may have been supplied with the tools you need to get the job done. Begin in one corner and work around going clockwise.


Indoor wicker furniture makes for an excellent choice in furnishings. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to move, and it provides an excellent place to lounge. Cushions on wicker furniture are meant to withstand the elements, but they are also made with a soft weave, which makes them comfortable to the touch.

A sectional is good for filling out space without taking up too much room. Combine with a coffee table, and you’ll have a wonderful sitting space to laze away the afternoon.

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