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Filter Talk

Not all air filters are made equal. While a lot of us do not really pay much attention to what air filter we have inside our air conditioner or heating system or how long it has been in there, we actually should mind it more since it actually does a vital function in ensuring that our homes are clean and comfortable. Depending on the environmental conditions and the frequency of use of the air conditioner or the heater, air filters would require periodic replacement; usually this is around every three months. The reason filters need to be replaced is because all of the things it protects us from, dust mites, molds and airborne viruses, get stuck on the filter and eventually will clog it. This would result to weak air coming from the A/C or heater and dirty air and allergens getting through and polluting our home.

With the importance of having clean filters established, it is now time to look at the kind of air filters you should look for. To ensure proper functionality make sure to use reputable air filter brands like Filtrete the 3M air filter brand. Their filters are better than your run off the mill filters because they capture more dust particle parts per million than ordinary filters. Furthermore, Filtrete has a line of filters that are electrostatically charged to draw in all those unwanted particles so that they have absolutely no chance of polluting your home. Luckily, Filtrete is easy enough to find with availability even in online stores.

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New Filters for Better Health

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When the temperature drops, most of us will drop out of view as we look for warmer environments to spend most of our time. For many of us, our venue of choice will be our own homes. There we know we can drink all the warm tea we want, sip on hot soup and crank the heat as high as we like.

While these are all very comfortable ways to spend time away from the cold, one of them could potentially be making us sick. Our furnace is great for keeping us warm, but they can also work against us if we’re not careful. By not inspecting and replacing our furnace filters regularly, we run the risk of having a furnace that sucks in dirty air—thick with debris, dust and other pollutants—and then pumping it throughout our home where we’re quick to breath it in.

Obviously, there are enough health risks that come with winter as it is. We don’t need one more, especially from our beloved furnaces. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix that takes no time at all. Air filters for your furnace can be purchased for very little and installed immediately. As a result, you can start cranking your heat all over again without having to worry that you’re making things harder on your body.

Get Ready For Winter By Replacing Your Furnace Filter

Winter is quickly approaching, and nothing is more important to winter than making sure that your home is ready for the cold weather.  If you live in the Northeast in the United States, or any other area that experiences the bitter cold, you should do all that you can to be sure that your furnace filter is ready to go for the long and cold winter ahead.  Once the cold sets in and the first snow falls, you will be glad that you put the work in beforehand to get everything ready.


The winter brings with it cold temperatures, and the need to have your home heated at all times.  When it is time to turn on the heat, you need to have a furnace that is ready to make the most use out of your oil supply.  Having a brand new filter can help your furnace perform far more efficiently and effectively than if it had an old filter.  An old filter can cause a lot of problems for your furnace, such as blocking proper heat from going through the furnace and out to the ducts to heat your home.

Replacing your filter is very important to keeping the costs of heating your home down in the winter.  Getting a proper quality filter from is the key to making this happen.  They have great heater filters that will fit any furnace, no matter how new or how old it is.  They also have quality brands such as Filtrete that will keep your furnace running at the highest efficiency possible.  When the cold sets in, you will be happy your furnace is ready.