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Maintaing Clean Air Filters Leads to Healthy Living

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In order for home air filters to properly provide protection from dust, mold, pollen, and other pollutants, they must be maintained and changed at set intervals ranging from three to six months, depending on the usage. By purchasing wholesale, quality air filters, you are protecting both your health and your wallet. These filters are easy to search for online and conveniently delivered right to your home or work. Adding to your convenience, ordering online wholesale filters allows you to set up an automatic reorder program that ships itself at intervals you choose.

By choosing this option, you won’t have to remember to reorder filters every few months. Air conditioner filters, as well as other filters such as electrostatic furnace filters, come equipped with reliable Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values, also known as MERV ratings, that go from 1 being the lowest to 13 being the highest and the densest that allow the least amount of particles through. These filters boast high ratings of 12, 11, 8, and 7, depending on the filter. This rating lets you know what size particle is being trapped and which ones may be getting through. These filters come in all sizes to fit many different types of standard air filters. They are easy to install, and generally slide right into any unit.

It is important to have air filters that trap pollutants and put out only good, clean, quality air. Having clean air protects you and your family’s health. Having a clean air filter protects from hazardous pollutants such as bacteria, soot, and dander.

The modern home is complete with all of life’s modern necessities and comforts. From built-in air conditioning to automatic dimming lights and UV-cutting windows, the modern home is a haven of comfort and luxury. Often times however, we forget that above all, our health and well-being is important in our home, especially with our air quality now much worse compared to the air our ancestors took in over fifty years ago. Keep your home clean and safe by installing a 3m filter in your home’s air conditioning or furnace system today.

The use of home air filters today are growing, with many households buying standalone air filtration systems or retrofitting high efficiency 3m filter media into their built-in HVAC systems. The process is as simple as buying a pre-cut filter from a reputable supplier and installing it in place of your HVAC system’s original filter, and it operates immediately and quietly. These filters cut down air pollution, suspended particulate matter, and even allergens keeping your air fresh and clean inside your home. As an added bonus, the extra clean air also helps reduce dust and particulate build up in your HVAC system, reducing maintenance needs and cost, keeping your wallet fuller for longer, and your system running with less intervention.

Install an air filtration system now and improve the quality of air in your home, as well as reduce maintenance costs for years to come. Pick up one of the many forms of home air filters today and start breathing cleaner, purer air.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection, expert suppliers of all kinds of premium high efficiency replacement Honeywell air filter.

Find An Affordable Place To Purchase An Air Conditioner Filter

If you are looking to replace your current air conditioner filter you may be able to find what you are looking for at a local store but may be overcharged for the product for the simple fact that they are local. You can save money by shopping online because with more companies competing for your business they will do whatever it takes even if it means slashing their prices to increase their number of sales. For customers this is great because they can get all the products that they need at a discounted rate.

Before choosing which company to buy from you can easily compare the prices and inventory among each. You can narrow down the list by reading reviews from previous customers to determine which have little to no feedback or mostly negatives. You should also look at the inventory that is available from each company to decide which one has most of the products that you need.

The price that you will pay for your residential air filter will vary depending on the brand that you want and the company that you choose to purchase from. The best thing about buying a filtrete online is that you will get most of the products for a cheaper rate and when buying in bulk you can save even more money which can be better spent on other products for your home. You will be able to create in no time at all by simply researching and choosing the most affordable company available.