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Installing Double Entry Door for Your Home

Installing Double Entry Door for Your HomeDouble doors have long been a symbol of luxury and spaciousness when it comes to a household. When you visit a home with a set of double entry doors, you’ll notice that it’s a compliment to the entire visual appearance. That being said, if you are considering installing some double doors for your entryway, here is a guide on what you should know prior to tackling on this project.


For the most part, double doors install in the same fashion as single unit doors do. Most of them arrive in a prehung frame that’s all ready and assembled. Within the frame there should be the appropriate hardware and pieces that are needed to fit it into the door opening. These prehung entry doors are an all-in-one deal that allow you to skip all of the hard work.

From this point on, you’re going to need to take care of the shimming, leveling, and fastening the entire unit to form it as a whole. Because these doors are massive in size, don’t be intimidated. They can more or less be installed within an hour once it has been fully prepared. Be sure that you get an extra set of hands to help on the job to minimize the risk of injury and to maximize efficiency.

Summing it Up

Prehung entry doors add a different type of feel to your home. A luxurious symbol, as well as a decorative feature, your home will look glamorous and will surely impress your guests.

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Construction will always have the classic doors: flush doors, three panels, one-lites, but every so often, manufacturers release new lines to keep up with the changing designs within architecture and interior design. Here are three companies shaking things up in the door market this year:

1. SIMPSON DOORS – THE ARTIST COLLECTION. Simpson has entered the modern door business with their new collection revealed only a few months ago. The line is complete with solid and lite (window) doors which come in a variety of sizes. The line was designed by James L. Cutler, founding partner of Cutler Anderson Architects will be offered by Simpson for a limited time. As with most wood doors, the customer will finish and stain the doors to their liking, but should follow Simpson or hire a trusted carpenter to complete your doors.

2. PLASTPRO STEEL DOORS- Plastpro has introduced a line of steel doors that come complete with a five-year warranty. Each of the doors within the Plastpro line comes with an automatic 20 minute fire rating, as well as having Energy Star rating, thus qualifying for the U.S. government tax credit program. The doors come with the signature Plastpro composite BTHP frame. And while not new, Plastpro continues to be a leader in the fiberglass door manufacturing.

3. THERMA-TRU DOORS – Canvas Collection in 6’8 and 8’0 sizes. The Canvas Collection was made to replicate the look and sound of wood doors. The Canvas Collection was named by Consumer Digest a Best Buy for fiberglass entry doors, and the increased size availability only increases the usability of this door. In addition, the Canvas Collection is Energy Star rated and likely qualifies for the U.S. government tax credit options for door and window replacement.

When selecting a door remember to pick a material that will work with your climate. Most doors require a covering or awning and shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Each manufacturer will have specific instructions on the care and cleaning of the doors, so be sure to consult the instructions found with your door for future reference. For more doors, hardware, and other door accessories, go to

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A Rattan Dining Room can be Casual or Formal

Many people are finding they like the look of a rattan dining room. You can arrange it so that it will suit the occasion, whether you need something casual or something formal. You can choose between a dark wood color or a light wood color. They come with a wide range of cushion materials and designs. A glass top on the table can add a bit of elegance. If you are going for a more casual feel, add in whimsical decorations or accessories reminiscent of a tiki bar.

 photo Coco_Cay_Dining_AC_UM_large_zpsa99d77ed.jpg

Rattan also makes very nice sunroom furniture. With light, bright colored cushions and live plants around the room it will be a true sunny room. It will become a great place for entertaining or a quiet family evening together. Make sure you keep it a non-television room. A sound system would be fine; something for a bit of background music while entertaining. It very well might become mom’s favorite room in the house. A game table in part of the room would bring more use to it from the kids.

If you are thinking about new patio furniture, resin wicker furniture is a good choice. It is not affected by the weather like other outdoor furniture can be. You can use it with or without cushions and it easily cleans up. It will add a touch of class to your patio, but not be so stuffy no one will want to sit out there. Pick your color and enjoy a nice glass of iced teas.