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The Different Interior Door Types

The Different Interior Door Types

Your interior doors are not only a compliment to your walls and furniture, but they can also stand out and provide another dimension to your design. With the right look, your doors can separate multiple designs which will allow you to add different design aspects to each room. With the many door types that are available, here is a breakdown that will help you find the right type that is perfect for your household.

Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are one of the most common types of doors used in homes today. Mounted on hinges, they provide easy access and allow you to swing a door either open or closed. You can buy them as a single slab or as part of a pre hung door kit. Inexpensive and fashionable, hinged doors can work well with any common design style.

Pocket Doors

Pockets doors are an older style of door. A designated space is cut out from the inner section of the wall allowing the door to slide open. They’ve been gaining extreme popularity over the past few years due to their ability to match multiple wall styles – and they look great as well.

French Doors

French doors favor windows and are elegant in looks. They tend to swing towards each other and then meet in the center. A dramatic finish to them, French doors are often unobstructed and have an open view to the outside. If you want a gorgeous view to your backyard, or even to your front yard, then French doors will be perfect for you.

Bio: ETO Doors has provided doors to numerous projects nationwide that have been “LEED” Certified (Platinum: the highest level of Green Certification attainable). ETO Doors is working towards a “greener environment”. ETO Doors reviews has all your favorite brands that you can check out.


ETO Doors is committed to providing the best in the customer service experience for our residential and business customers. A key component in the customer experience is the delivery of the product. For LA-Local customers, we’ll load your doors on one of our own trucks and deliver to your home or office for a flat rate. But for those outside the Los Angeles delivery area, we’ve designed a shipping and delivery process that should reduce wait time, and get your doors to you in the quickest way possible.

FLAT RATE SHIPPING – $195 First Door, $35 for each additional door!
Most shipping companies will ship doors by weight and dimensions, and this makes sense- for the shipping company. But for us, and for our customers, it simply became too onerous a task to constantly weight and measure each order to determine the shipping cost for our customers. So we decided to take a risk, and select a flat rate amount we would charge for the first door. On some orders we’re going to take a loss, on others break even, but at $195/ first door and $35/each additional door, it’s unlikely we’ll ever make a profit. And that’s okay. All we wanted was to remove the headache that is measuring and weight for the hundreds of orders we process each week.

There are literally hundreds of LTL shipping companies to choose from in the United States. Some are better than others, and then there are the best. We work with the latter. After several years in the business, we’ve learned a thing or two about picking companies we trust with our customer’s products. When you buy from ETO Doors, you’re also buying the delivery service of some of the best names in the business.

Just because you ordered online, doesn’t mean that you won’t have the access to our customer service team after you place the order. Our job isn’t finished until you receive the door, and while we are usually not the drivers for the trucks, we know how to get in contact with the shipping companies to avoid miscommunications and delays. If you have a question, give us a call or email us at

If you have any questions about our ordering process, or the shipping companies we use, give us a shout at 888 DOORS ETO, email us at, or go online to our live chat feature at

Happy Shopping!

Easy Installation Doors

Article submitted by ETO Doors. Please find more information about ETO Doors by clicking this link. Also, please watch ETO Doors YouTube video.

ETO Doors has been manufacturing wood doors for more than ten years. In this time, we’ve learned more about what issues face our DIY customers and have tried to adjust the manufacturing and packing of our product to streamline the installation. And while we always recommend seeking professional assistance when installing new doors, we also understand that many simple projects can be handled with a few friends, some tools, and some elbow grease. The most important component to door installation is the measurements. ETO can create a beautiful door, pre-hang the door for extremely easy install, but if your measurements are off, even by an inch, it creates a problem that almost always required a carpenter’s assistance.

If you’re not completely comfortable with the idea of measuring your door opening (rough opening), we recommend at least seeking professional assistance for this component of your project. The second component that takes a bit of thought is the swing: inswing or outswing. Many times the swing will depend upon the door’s location. Front doors in the U.S. typically swing inward, towards the interior of your home, creating a more welcoming entrance (better than awkwardly hitting your guest with a door swinging outward). While interior doors often depend on the space. For small bathrooms it is better for a door to swing out, so that the door does not obstruct appliances or furniture within the bathroom. DIY door installation is as easy as 1-2-3. (1)When deciding on the swing, consider your space; (2) if you’re going to install yourself, make sure you take accurate measurements, and finally, (3) go to to pick your perfect DIY door!