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Four Steps to repair a garage door

By Superior Garage Doors

Sometimes getting a garage door repair Canton GA or in other remote parts of the US, can require a lot of time. However, most homeowners cannot wait for a maintenance crew to visit their home as they may need to enter or leave their home, but cannot get their garage door open. Therefore, here are 4 steps to repair your own garage door.

Examine the garage door tracks – You should have a look at the metal tracks and mounting brackets and see if they are firmly fixed to the wall. You may find that the door malfunctions due to a screw or bolt getting loose.

Use proper tools. – If there are parts of your door that are bent or warped, you can fix them in place with a carpenter’s hammer. This, however, will only work if you don’t have severe damage.

Clean the garage door rollers and tracks – You can attempt to grease your garage door with some WD-40. This can help the garage door track to operate smoothly. You should firstly use a rag to wipe down debris or dirt, that maybe causing your door to get stuck.

Replace loose bolts and screws – You can tighten any loose bolts and screws. If you see cracking near your hinges, you should use wood filler to fill in the cracks.

For assistance with a garage door services Atlanta or in the US, conduct an online search, which will indicate repair services closest to your area.


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