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The Science of Closet Design

When you choose closet organization systems to store your clothes you may not notice, but there is a bit of science and math behind it. First of all, you wouldn’t place your closet shelving systems right smack in the middle, forcing you to climb over it every time. There needs to be extreme measurements taken to maximize the sizing output of your closet and utilize the space wisely.


Closet organization can be considered a craft. It is an art form. Designers spend quality time taking dimensions such as: shelf width and depth, shelf height, eye level height, and hanger depth.

Proper Spacing is Important

Your closet systems should not only function as a place to store your clothes, but also minimize the amount of unused space inside your closet. There should be ample room to store your clothing but not too much where there would be extra space. This would throw off the scheme of the room.

Try Not To Stack On Your Shelves

You never want to go with stacking your clothes too high on shelves. You will end up with a pile of clothes on your face if you decide to go that route. Make sure your shelves reach a maximum of ten to twelve inches tall to prevent that from happening.

Keeping Good Eye Level

Eye level height is important when you first walk into your closet. Divide them into three parts: low, middle and high. Place your items accordingly and always know where they will be.

Keep an Eye on Hangar Depth

To prevent items from dragging on the floor or rubbing against the wall, make sure to test out your clothes by hanging them and moving them around a bit to make sure they do not rub anything. With constant contact to the wall, you can potentially damage your clothes.

By following the proper measurements and angles of your closet, not only will you maximize your spacing, but you will also coordinate with your room. Do not force anything. If you feel a shelf doesn’t work in a certain space, then move it around until you find peace of mind. Organizing your closet does not have to be as much of a chore as it seems to be. By taking care of your closet, you are taking care of your belongings. When it comes to precious memorabilia or treasured items, you would want the best for them. A healthy closet takes care of healthy clothes.
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