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Fake Grass Makes for a Green Thumb

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Some people have green thumbs.  They have the ability to take a dying plant and bring it back to life.  They know exactly when to prune their rose bushes, and when to plant the seeds for next spring.  Their gardens and lawns are always beautiful.  And then there is the person who destroys all the plants that they buy, and cant even keep their grass green.  For all those people there is a solution: artificial grass.


So you might never be able to have a quaint English garden, or a hodge podge of different types of flowers, you may never have a perfect garden, but now, you can have a perfect lawn.  By buying fake grass, you guarantee yourself a beautiful, healthy looking green lawn 365 days of the year.  And this yard comes with zero maintenance.  Once the fake lawn grass is installed, all you have to do is enjoy it.  It’s the perfect solution for the busy workingwoman who has no time to take care of a yard.  Or a few young college roommates who want a nice looking yard, but are simply too busy studying or hanging out with friends to accomplish it.  Or it’s simply for the person who has no green thumb whatsoever.  No matter who you are, getting an artificial lawn is a smart choice.  You have a beautiful lawn, for not a lot of money that requires no kind of maintenance, and looks and feels beautiful everyday of the year.

Artificial Grass vs. the Real Stuff

The amount of people playing sports until later in their life is rising and because of that the need for recreational centers is growing. Any new recreation center or a group which is renovating their facilities have to make an important choice: artificial grass or real grass.


There are certainly benefits to both but most people will tell you that they prefer to play sports on artificial turf since it is much more level and can provide a fair playing ground. Modern advances in artificial turf have made the field feel, look, and act just like regular grass but these fake fields are definitely considerably more expensive. However for sports such as soccer, lacrosse and baseball (where the ball is consistently rolling across the ground) playing on a flat and consistent field is a dream come true.

Fake grass is not just a great option for sports but for lawns as well. It might not have enough benefits to outweigh the cost for most situations but an artificial turf lawn can provide a very beautiful, lush, and consistent looking lawn that does not take much time or energy to maintain.

There are many different artificial grass suppliers in most areas but the most cost effective method is to buy the turf from an online wholesaler and find someone in your geographic area to install it. That way you know you are getting the absolute best price for the turf and not experiencing unfair markup by the company who is installing it for you.

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Artificial Grass for Your Home

Written by Artificial Turf Supply

There are many different types of fake turf grass on the market, from synthetic turf used for athletic fields to fake grass used for parks and playgrounds. Synthetic turf manufacturers have also created artificial grass for residential use, including homes and apartments. What’s the difference? The professionals at Artificial Turf Supply, one of the leading manufacturers of the product, have provided this primer on artificial grass for your home.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Your neighbor won’t know you have synthetic turf! One of the main differences between fake grass for residential use and synthetic turf for other applications is that it’s designed to look like natural grass. Homeowners who want to landscape their yards with fake grass need a product that looks like real, healthy grass. Fortunately, the makers of advanced synthetic turf for residential projects have created just that, fake grass that is emerald-green in appearance but also looks authentic. After all, who wants fake grass that looks like plastic?

Soft and Comfortable

Most homeowners use fake grass to landscape their yards. This means that adults will be walking on the grass and children might be running and playing on it. The good news is that fake grass isn’t stiff and hard underfoot. It’s actually the opposite. Together with infill, synthetic turf designed for residential emulates the soft feeling of soil and grass underfoot.

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