Artificial Grass vs. the Real Stuff

The amount of people playing sports until later in their life is rising and because of that the need for recreational centers is growing. Any new recreation center or a group which is renovating their facilities have to make an important choice: artificial grass or real grass.


There are certainly benefits to both but most people will tell you that they prefer to play sports on artificial turf since it is much more level and can provide a fair playing ground. Modern advances in artificial turf have made the field feel, look, and act just like regular grass but these fake fields are definitely considerably more expensive. However for sports such as soccer, lacrosse and baseball (where the ball is consistently rolling across the ground) playing on a flat and consistent field is a dream come true.

Fake grass is not just a great option for sports but for lawns as well. It might not have enough benefits to outweigh the cost for most situations but an artificial turf lawn can provide a very beautiful, lush, and consistent looking lawn that does not take much time or energy to maintain.

There are many different artificial grass suppliers in most areas but the most cost effective method is to buy the turf from an online wholesaler and find someone in your geographic area to install it. That way you know you are getting the absolute best price for the turf and not experiencing unfair markup by the company who is installing it for you.

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