The Significant Role of Interior Doors in Design

Written by: ETO Doors

Your home’s interior doors play a more important role than you might think they do. In the grand scheme of it all, these doors add noteworthy detailing to your interior layout. Something as simple as a door can add significant value to your home.


An interior door can create a tactile experience that leaves an amazing impression on someone. Not only do you want to add to the beauty of your home, but their function carries value as well. For instance, closing a synthetically-made door feels different then closing an all-natural mahogany wood door. The simple act of feeling the door knob and the weight of the door can make a difference when it comes to the experience.

When the time comes for your house to undergo a facelift, it’s best that you compare the countless amounts of interior door styles that are available. You’ll want to decide on a door that fully compliments the current style that you’re going for. Remember, you can mix and match various styles around the interior of your house to create an optimal look. For instance, doors that are made from glass are perfect for a pantry, or even for a dimly lit study.

You also have doors that range from one flush panel to six panels. These styles work great with a certain select theme of a room. Take the opportunity to visualize what type of door styles work best with your room. You’ll notice the difference it makes to a room when a solid flush door is replaced with a 4-panel door. The subtle details and textures of the door will bring out the best of that room and provide another element to its design.

Remember that when you want to swap out your old door for a new one, you’re going to want to pay attention to the exact measurements of your door frame. Carefully, and accurately, determine what the length and width of the frame is along with the door that you are replacing. You can then narrow down the door types that you are looking at and select one that fits perfectly in the gap.

Whatever style that you choose from, it’s important that you always guarantee a proper fit prior to the purchase. Meaning, don’t skip out or become lazy when it comes to obtaining measurements. Once that’s out of the way, you can then release your creative outlet on your home’s interior and create a masterpiece of your own.

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